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Now We Shan't Never Be Parted

An EM Forster's Maurice Community

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Name:Now We Shan't Never Be Parted
Location:The Greenwood, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for all things related to the novel Maurice by EM Forster and the accompanying film
1. Please be respectful - to fellow community members; to the book, the characters and to the author, EM Forster; to the film, the film makers and to the actors.

2. Please have fun - feel free to contribute to discussions, to comment on stories and poems, and to share articles etc. with the community. Also if you want to discuss certain parts of the book or film, or one of the characters therein start a topic and we'll discuss it with you.

3. Please feel included - if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in the community contact one or more of the maintainers and we will always consider your idea. Likewise if you have ideas for the workings of the community, or even want to design a header banner, please feel free to do so (they are 750px x 200px) and we can show them in rotation or, if they are for special occasions, put them up then.

4. Please use a cut - for anything other than the first 15 lines or so, and for all graphics larger than around 500x150 (the size of the banner at the top of this bio). Don't worry, if you forget we'll gently remind you. If you persistently ignore a request your post will be deleted.

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