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Yuletide 2013 Maurice fic

As a lazy mod I'll just give the links to the Maurice fic written for Yuletide 2013:

Alec (3407 words) by Basingstoke
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Maurice - E. M. Forster
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder, Anne Durham/Clive Durham
Additional Tags: World War I, Physical Disability, Asexual Character, Future Fic, Established Relationship

Two relationships, more than a decade in.

Dreams of a quiet life in the country (3132 words) by queen_ypolita
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Maurice - E. M. Forster
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder

After the end of the book, Maurice chases a dream of his and Alec's future life together and takes Alec away to postpone the time they have to make practical decisions.

Radiantly happy (2002 words) by queen_ypolita
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Maurice - E. M. Forster
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kitty Hall

After her brother leaves, new opportunities open up for Kitty.

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Brief Lives: E M Forster by Richard Canning (2009)

If anyone's after a short, readable biography of the author behing Maurice, there are worse places to start than the newish (2009) Brief Lives: E M Forster by Richard Canning, published by Hesperus Press. It covers EMF's life in about 100 pages, touches his writings briefly at appropriate points, and provides a comprehensive-looking list of works consulted/further reading at the end.

I read the Furbank biography (published in the late 1970s) about ten years ago, and I can't say Canning added anything to what I already knew, but as it's been ten years, reading Canning served as an easy way to refresh my memories, and made me feel I'd like to re-read the short stories now (at some point in future when I've got the time, anyway).

ETA: I've seen a couple of pieces (PinkNews, Sam Leith in the Guardian) over the past few days abot how having sex eventually stopped E M Forster from writing more books, which I'm pretty sure is not news, but there seems to be another new biography out, by Wendy Moffat who apparently has had access to previously unconsulted private papers: E M Forster: A New Life (Amazon link).
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Fic: Somebody With Whom to Dance

Title: Somebody With Whom to Dance
By: Ea
Characters: Clive/OC
Rating: R
Word count: 3444
Summary: Clive had not forgotten about Maurice after all. A chance encounter many years later reveals buried feelings and Clive gets a chance to come to terms with the past.
Note: This is actually an old story, but it's been so heavily edited now that it's almost like new and I thought is was worth a re-post.


Download as ebook: PRC/MOBI/Kindle or EPUB

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Maurice at the theatre in March

Apparently Above the Stag theatre in London is going to be staging an adaptation of Maurice in March (with the play by Roger Parsley and Andy Graham, directed by Tim McArthur). Booking details here, IndieLondon preview here.
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Film screen caps

I came across a site with a full set of fairly good quality screen caps:

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Film Review

I posted this review a while ago over on LJ, and am reposting here.

An extensive review of the film adaptation of Forster's 1913 novel, containing spoilers. )


The review is published in full, with scenes from the film, by Jim Clark (the reviewer) at Jim's Reviews

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Yuletide 2009 - includes a Yuletide Madness treat

Here are links to the Yuletide stories posted for the 2009 challenge, including a Yuletide Madness treat.

Three Epilogues - According to Forster's notes on 'Maurice', epilogues are for Tolstoy. But Forster did write an epilogue for 'Maurice', although he later scrapped it. This is another attempt to imagine a future for the novel's three central figures. (Alec/Maurice, Clive, Kitty)

Cold in November - Getting wet on a cold November day has consequences. (Maurice/Clive)

The Home Front - Alec Scudder and Clive Durham meet again in 1915. (Alec, Clive)

Out of Fashion - Years later, Maurice looks back (Maurice/Alec)
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story: Feels Like Snow - LINK UPDATED 25th Feb 2010

Story title: Feels Like Snow
Fandom: Maurice, the novel
Pairing: Alec/Maurice
Rating: Slightly racy, with some gore left over from the war at the start
Word count: c. 2500
Summary: Book is canon, as ever, although there is a certain nod to the film, can you spot it? (Thanks to [personal profile] sweet_fallacy for the idea)
Feedback: Concrit and any other comments welcome :)
Notes: The irony!! I wrote this when snow was nothing but a seasonal dream, and yet it looks like we could have a Christmas just like Maurice and Alec's. I bet by Friday it's all gone and it'll be raining or something!

<Feels Like Snow>

Fanart Hunt

I stumbled across this drawing and it got me wondering about illustrated Maurice fanart. I know there has been at least two posted in [profile] mr_edna_may, but has anyone else spotted more?

Maybe we should have a scavenger hunt and share out results.
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Maurice fanfiction - LINKS UPDATED 25th Feb 2010

I've been sorting out my links here on Dreamwidth and can now provide the community with links to all of my Maurice fanfiction so far. Please enjoy! In other news, my muse has awoken and I have put fingers to keyboard once again, so look out for a new fic (or maybe fics!) in the new year.

Story: Boathouse, Penge: Maurice has spoken to Clive and returns to Alec at the boathouse.
Poem: The Russet Room, for Alec: Maurice thinks about Alec as they lie in the Russet Room.
Poem: Come to me - Alec's plea: Alec waits in the boathouse after Maurice leaves for London.
Story: Bincombe Tunnel: The morning after their night in London together, Alec returns home.
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What if...

In chapter 7, Durham and Maurice have a discussion about religion that reminds the latter of his dream. In your opinion, if Maurice had been more honest about his beliefs and revealed all to Durham, including the dream, would that have changed the course of the story? Or would it have made little to no difference in the end?

Story: Where's George?

Fandom: Maurice
Title: Where's George?
Author: [personal profile] sweet_fallacy
Pairing: N/A
Rating: G
Summary: Bedding down for the night, the Howells discuss George's dismissal.

Story: The Unspeakable

Fandom: Maurice
Title: The Unspeakable
Author: [personal profile] sweet_fallacy
Pairing: Anne/Clive
Rating: G
Summary: Anne is left in the dark.